Standard advertising

Lightboxes engage potential audience and enable advertisers to achieve their goals in an highly effective way.

Video advertising

Video advertising creates a complex effect, actively influencing the target audience. Greater coverage, online content management, integration of useful content.

Outdoor advertising

There is no doubt that advertising structures placed on the station square and airport access roads are guaranteed to draw attention.


Large format media. One of the main advantages of arches is their location above the exits and entrances to the airport.

Hanging structures 

Allow to highlight the brand using unique shapes and dimensions, as well as an overview. Hanging structures are an interesting and beneficial solution.

Standalone structures

The most familiar and flexible type of tailor-made airport advertising with a wide range of opportunities.

Lounge zones 

Lounge areas have a number of advantages: the best advertising place in the airport and construction scale.

Vehicle display 

A great way to ensure direct passenger and product contact, direct communication with passengers and the ability of your brand to speak for itself.

Check-in desks 

Check-in zone is one of the most advantageous zones for advertising in the airport. Passengers spend long time while waiting to check-in a flight.


Ideal placement option for open spaces with limited opportunities for standalone constructions or wall space.

Escalators and moving walkways

Staircases and escalators offer a great selection of placement options: side surfaces, handrails and even steps. Advertising that is always in front of passenger’s eyes.


One of the best types of image-boosting indoor advertising in airports.
Pillars provide excellent visibility for advertising and communication with different groups of passengers, practically in all areas of the airport.

Promo campaigns with staff

The main advantage of carrying out advertising campaigns by staff in the airports is direct communication with the target audience, the ability of clear targeting, depending on the campaign goals, and simplicity of the organization and certification process.

Hall complex branding

One of the most impactful types of visual advertising. Tailor-made individual structural elements, branded furniture and unique advertising spaces.

Marketing collateral and press distribution

  • Distribution on passenger counters and tables
  • Branding of counters
  • Installation of individual customer stands
  • Advertising in in-flight magazines
  • Marketing collateral distribution onboard airlines
  • Daily printed editions supply to the airlines

Baggage belts

Advertising on a baggage carousel offers close attention from all arriving passengers.


An impressive type of advertising in the airports. This unique space is the largest possible format inside airport terminals. The elevators are perfectly located in the center of the most crowded areas of the airports.


Glass fences around escalators and staircases, entrance and exit areas, security checkpoints, borders and waiting areas, as well as windows to the platform. Key places for impactful advertising.

Security zone

Advertising in the security zones covers several carriers at once: luggage tray branding, security equipment branding (security frames and introscopes).


Apron transport is a carrier that attracts passenger attention. This is the first advertising passengers see when they disembark a plane.

Jet bridges

Advertising surfaces on the outer and inner sides of the jetways cover 100% of arriving and departing passengers.


Similar to road signs this advertising surface forces to hold the driver’s and passenger’s attention.

Airport entrance

Advertisement on the doors has the widest coverage and clearly visible not only to those who are entering and leaving, but also to those who are approaching the terminal or already inside the terminal waiting for check-in.

We place advertising at the airports:

Moscow, Saint–Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Surgut, Noyabrsk, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Naberzhnye Chelny, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg and in other cities of Russia and the world.

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